Human Resources – help with recruiting, retaining and motivating good employees

HR isn't just about managing the welfare of employees, providing support when there is a problem or following legislation.

It is a business tool that can assist you in achieving your business plan by fully-utilising your greatest resource - your employees.

JGBA Ltd can help to ensure that your HR policies and procedures meet your business needs, whilst complying with ever-changing legislative requirements.

We can help you when:

  • Developing effective remuneration programmes
  • Introducing tax-efficient incentives and benefit schemes for key employees
  • Conducting performance evaluations
  • Targeting recruitment and training programmes
  • Establishing employee policies, procedures, staff handbooks, etc.
  • Maintaining appropriate records
  • Staying abreast of changes in the PAYE and NIC regimes
  • Understanding and applying employment law.

Contact us today to discover how we can help you manage your human resources more effectively.

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